Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NSFW: The Playboy.com Hate-Fuck Article Screenshots

Instead of something like "top 10 conservative hotties" or something, Playbody decided to publish an article (irony alert: people are paying attention to an article in Playboy. Sorry I stole your joke, Greg Gutfeld) that refers to the top 10 conservatives hotties who they'd love to "hate fuck." With cheerful quotes like giving Michelle Malkin a "Hate Fucking Rating" of "Worse Than Eva Braun" I thought I'd mirror the screencaps originally posted by another intrepid blogger to try to let as many people download this hateful garbage as possible (there's no nudity, just absurdly hypocritical prose from some left-wing writer who I guess feels that saying he'd like to "hate-fuck" women is appropriate... if they're women he personally hates because they've committed war crimes are Republicans.

Awesome, Guy Cimbato. Unfortunately, I have no doubt that this will serve to enhance, not destroy his career.